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Consultant Profile
     Wolfgang Erasmi
     Uni-Craft Kiel
     D-24229 Strande

March 06, 2012

 Senior IT Consultant
 Main Topics: UNIX/Solaris, High Availability, Storage, Virtualization, Datacenter
 Keywords: Solaris SUN Cluster Veritas SAN Storage Zones Virtualization
             Datacenter Shell

 Jahrgang                 1964
 EDV-Erfahrung seit       1991/1995
 Staatsbürgerschaft       deutsch

 1987 - 1994  Univerity studies in physical oceanography, diplom (M.Sc.),
 1991 - 1994  Scientific assistant, data processing / programming in
              scientific environment
 1994 - 1997 Scientific employee (part.); freelance IT consultant
 1997 - 1998 IT administrator (Bank), stock exchange platform,
              Risk Management System
 1999 - heute Frelance IT consultant

 German             first language
 English            fluent
 Dutch              good
 Norwegian          good
 Spanish            basic
 French             low basic
 Danish             basic
 Swedish            basic

Geographical availability

IT knowledge
Solaris / UNIX / Linux
        profound internal Knowledge
        Solaris 2.6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
        Hardening, Security
        Continuity of operation
        Software management
        Jumpstart server
        LiveUpgrade in all combinations of OS/SAN/VxVM/LVM/Cluster
        Large scale system sdministration
        Virtualization: Solaris Zones (profound knowledge)
                         Oracle VM Virtualbox (basic knowledge)
                         VMware (basic knowledge)

        profound internal Knowledge
        Integration of complex applications and software
        (c.f. Sun SamFS, BEA Tuxedo)
        proaktive management
        Operation of komplexe configurations
  Veritas Cluster Server:
        good internal Knowledge
        Integration of complex applications and software
        (c.f. Sun AVS, Sun SamFS)

          profound knowledge with regard to
            heterogenous architectures
            redundancy and High Availability
                  AVS (SUN Availability Suite): very good knowledge, extensive
                      experience in cluster integration
                  Veritas VxVM: extensive knowledge, long standing experience in
                       productive environments;
                  ZFS: very good knowledge
                  MPxIO: very good knowledge
                  Hitachi HDS 9990 TrueCopy (HORC)
          Interruption-free operation and migration
          Creation (and migration into) reproductible, performance
          optimized configurations
                  Brocade Silkworm switches

Hierarchical Storage Management HSM
        samfs: good knowledge regarding installation in environments of low
               and mid-level complexity,
               profound knowledge in cluster integration

Datacenter operations
        Redundancy / Availability / Security
        Easiness of operations
        Environments > 90 nodes
        Central administration
          proaktive management
                      Nagios: very good knowledge
                      BMC Patrol: basic knowledge
          Directory services (NIS, NIS+, DNS, LDAP)

          SUN: large bandwidth of server architectures
            UltraSparc ~v240 ... SF25k, M5000; T2000, T5x00

        Oracle 8, 9, 10g

          Integration into complex server environments, HSM etc.
          Cluster integration

        Visualization (gnuplot)
        Shell / ksh: very good knowledge
        Perl: good knowledge
        awk/sed: very good knowledge
        C: basic knowledge


Other knowledge
        Acquisition, analysis & visualization of complex performance data
        project management
        Technical / scientific background

Over-all knowledge
        IBM Aix
        Linux: SuSe, Ubuntu
        Experience in heterogenous environments:
                Online trading platform
                Science and education


Jun.   2010   Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server Administration
Dec.   2007   Hitach HiCommand Device Mgr & ShadowImage Replication Fundamentals
Dec.   2007   Hitachi TagmasStore USP and NSC Architechture & Administration
Mar.   2007   Sun StorEdge 6540 Administration
Dec.   2006   Solaris 10 ZFS Administration
Jun.   2006   Java Virtual Machine Administration
Oct.   2005   Solaris 10 for experienced System Administrators
Feb.   2005   Sun StorEdga Availability Suite 3.1 Install, Configure, Troubleshoot
Feb.   2005   Sun StoreEdge 6920 System Installation and Administration
Jan.   2005   Sun Cluster 3.1 Advanced Administration
Jan.   2004   Intensive Training Storage and SAN w/ Brocade, StorEdge T3 and 6120
Feb.   2003   Sun Cluster 3.x Advanced Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Selected Projects and engagements:

2010-2011 Expert, telecommunications, Elmshorn, Germany
        Concepts and implementation of the migration of business relevant
        legacy systems (billing, CRM, DWH) to reference systems, data and
        hardware migration, massive virtualization of hosts (Solaris zones),
        konzeptual work and execution of retreat of legacy systems

2010-2011 Expert, telecommunications, Elmshorn, Germany
        Concepts and implementation of the migration of a monitoring system
        from BMC Patrol to Nagios (approx. 120 units, 2000 services), concept
        on alarming and event filtering, datenbase driven control of duty;
        development and implementation of numerous partially complex services
        (storage, backup, datenbases, zones, zfs, cluster, VxVM, SMF, SAN, swap,
        cron, memory leaks etc.); standardization, documentation

2009-2011 Expert, telecommunications
        General support, consulting and technological transfer in the fields
        Solaris, Sun Cluster, storage, SAN, datacenter operations, network,
        security, performance, monitoring, central administration, scripting
        Massive Virtualization of servers
        Acquisition and management of storage capacities
        Automation of license surveys

2008-2009 Expert, telecommunications, Elmshorn, Germany
        Conception and implenetation of the migration of the IT platform
        the scope of a company fusion; extension of billing, customer
        resource management, data warehouse, order entry etc.,
        migration of the billing systems from 2 * E15k / Solaris 9 / SC 3.1
        / SE6540 to 4 * SF25k / SC 3.2 / Hitachi HDS 9990 / Solaris 10

2008 Expert, Deutscher Wetterdienst, Offenbach, Germany
        Extension and optimizations for cluster agent
        due to version upgrade of SamFS; recovery speedup

2008 Expert, telecommunications
        Planing HDS ShadowImage
        Conception and implementation of Sun Availability Suite
        for the replication of the billing systems (disaster recovery)

2008 Expert, telecommunications
        Conception of data migration of Billing, CRM, Order Entry etc.
        from SE6540 / SE6920 to Hitachi HDS 9990;
        planing HDS LDEV / LUSE layout, implementation of testsystem,
        planing, implementation, analysis, documentation of benchmarks
        for different storage layouts

2007-2009     Expert, telecommunications
        General support, consulting and technological transfer in the fields
        Solaris, Sun Cluster, storage, SAN, datacenter operations, network,
        security, performance, monitoring, central administration, scripting
        Virtualization of servers
        Consolidation and organization of storage systems
        Consolidation of server platforms and cluster systems

2007 Experte, print media, Holzminden, Germany
        Revision of the failover concept of the editorial platform,
        partial re-conception, creation of a user interface for takeover,
        integration of a USV
        Solaris 8, direct attached storage

2007-2008 Expert, telecommunications
        Allgemeine Unterstützung, Beratung & Technologietransfer im Bereich
        Solaris, Sun Cluster, Storage, SAN, RZ-Betrieb, Netzwerk, Sicherheit,
        Performance, Überwachung, Zentrale Administration, Scripting
        General support, consulting and technological transfer in the fields
        Solaris, Sun Cluster, storage, SAN, datacenter operations, network,
        security, performance, monitoring, central administration, scripting
        Development of concepts:
        - LiveUpgrade with cluster and zones
        - virtualized operation of integrated legacy systems in cluster

2007-2008 Expert, publishing / media, Hannover, Germany
        Conception und Rollout of the consolidation of the process monitoring
        of proprietary systems and tools to Nagios;
        Support of Solaris, Sun Cluster, SAN, storage;
        Workshops: UNIX, KSH

2006-2007 Expert, aviation, Hamburg, Germany
        Support on buildup of a Veritas Cluster environment running
        Solaris 10, zones, SAN, HDS 9990, Oracle databases
        Concept on sizing and provision of storage, sizing of zones,
        implementation of install server, training,
        concept for verification procedures, support of overall tests
        Deployment of Veritas Cluster agent for HSM/SamFS

2006-2010       Expert, Deutscher Wetterdienst, Offenbach, Germany
        Last level support for SamFS cluster integration

2006    Expert, aerospace industries, Hamburg, Germany
        Support with datacenter consolidation, DOCMASTER cluster evaluation

2006    Expert, private bank, Munich, Germany
        Sun Cluster: SamFS integration,
        extension for Sony Petasite tape library

2006    Expert, aerospace industries, Laupheim, Germany
        Migration support for Sun Cluster, SAN;
        Storage performance analysis

2005    Expert, print media, Hamburg, Germany
        Veritas Cluster Server:
        Concept and implementation of a complex
        integration of SUN Availability Suite Instant Image
        on a five-node cluster providing minimal blocking of non
        involved II groups during switch / failover

2005    Expert, Deutscher Wetterdienst, Offenbach
        Sun Cluster: integration of ecfs and SamFS,

2004    Expert, labour union society, Berlin, Germany
        Support on spatial migration of the entire IT platform

2004    Expert, energie industry, Oldenburg, Germany
        Sun Cluster: integration of Oracle, Remedy, Apache

2003-2004       Expert, telecommunications, Elmshorn, Germany
        Support in the conception and execution of procedures to the
        Achievement of SOX conformity (Disaster Recovery ability);
        hardware relocation and migrations

2003-2005       Expert, aerospace industries, Laupheim, Germany
        conception & rollout of Sun Cluster, SAN, Storage (SUN T3);
        deployment of cluster agent for HSM / SamFS

2003    Expert, logistics, Bremerhaven, Germany
        Re-installation 2 * Solaris 8, connection of FCAL Storage A5000,
        datacenter assessment, network junction

2003    Expert, T-Systems PCM, Hamburg, Germany
        Installation & configuration of backup system (Legato) on Sun Cluster,
        connection of tape library; cluster integration Oracle; conception
        and establishment of archive logfile backup

2002    Expert, Bank, Gera, Germany
        Connection of EMC Clariion to SunFire 4800 via Emulex HBAs

Contact data of the referrers will be happily provided on request

   1) (telecommunication enterprise, approx. 1000 emp.)

Mr. Erasmi has been working for several years as a consultant for our company, both
project-oriented in various complex design and migration projects in a highly
productive environment and in long-term know-how transfer in Solaris, cluster,
virtualization, automation and storage / SAN.

In addition, he also developed concepts, among others in the area of disaster
recovery, backup, control, centralized administration, IT security, in particular,
system hardening, performance management and more.
Due to his strong technical expertise and his excellent team skills, he has
integrated quickly into our team and our processes. His teammates and colleagues
appreciate him as an extremely competent, reliable and at the same time friendly
and helpful colleague. Despite his role as an external consultant, he is, from the
management perspective, a fully integrated, loyal team member. His work is always
exemplary structured, well documented and traceable.
He does not lose, nor in unexpected situations, nor operating in projects with high
technological complexity, the sight of the big and important business needs. The
consideration of cost is one of its assessment criteria for a solution.

Mr. Erasmi brought in the entire time working for our company in numerous customer
environments, his experience gained in terms of technology, process and cost
optimization. The confidentiality requirements of his customers were always
respected. Through his assistance we were able to increase the maturity of the data
center operations, and he clearly made a substantial contribution to the service
level improvement, cost reduction and certification achievements, such as SOX

The use of Mr. Erasmi has up to date always made sense from an economic point of
view. His expertise would have been to build in-house at a reasonable cost only in
exceptional cases.

I can recommend Mr. Erasmi with conviction.

   2) (IT service provider for aerospace, approx. 3000 emp.)

Mr. Erasmi supported us in building a service area with SUN Sf20k, T2000, Solaris,
a large number of zones (> 90), Oracle databases and applications running on
Veritas Cluster Server, Veritas Volume Manager, SAN, Hitachi HDS 9990, Oracle and

In addition, he created several concepts for the construction, operation and
verification of the surrounding components and conducted staff training. He has
extensive expertise and knows to provide it with great team spirit and friendly
style very well and always communicate to our complete satisfaction into technical
solutions. Even outside regular operating times for us, he was always approachable
and responded to inquiries always timely.

His dynamic approach to the challenges encountered were very helpful to us to
complete the project successfully within the tight time frame given.

I would appreciate any time to work again with Mr. Erasmi.

   3)   (Sun Microsystems GmbH, Professional Services, IT service provider)

Wolfgang Erasmi has supported me during my time at Sun Microsystems Inc. for more
than a decade as an external consultant in a variety of consulting projects and
long-term support to our customers.

His main application is highly available Unix (primarily Solaris) / storage on the
SAN and NAS environments, both in system integration and planning, as well as the
operation of the systems. Mr. Erasmi has created for our customers technically
perfect documentation and was also assigned as a coach for in-house training.

Mr. Erasmi is a very dedicated employee who has supported us and our customers at
all times with high motivation and his excellent skills in consistent high quality
and quantity.

Because of his personal and professional competence, he was by our customers - and
is one of mine - very valued colleague and business partner, whom I continue to
recommend you and with whom I would always work together again.

I am grateful for the many years of cooperation!



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